Valentine Design

Well, the over-sized boxes of candy and mass-produced teddy bears are practically spilling out of the grocery stores seasonal aisles. Valentine’s Day must be fast approaching! Yes, the big day is here and along with the cheesy, cheaply made gifts there actually are a lot of ways we can celebrate the spirit of Saint V without involving 500+ rose petals or gigantic champagne shaped jacuzzi. There is also a way to appropriately incorporate romantic design into your home that does not require installing a concrete Cupid fountain in the front yard. But it takes time, patience, and a little research to make sure the line between tasteful and tacky is not crossed! To help, here’s a primer on the do’s and don’ts of romantic décor!

Roses are a beautiful and simple way to give a formal touch to your space. However, when working with a busier pattern like floral it’s easy to overwhelm a room. So keep all coordinating patterns simple! Our jungle garden rug here is the perfect example of how not to incorporate roses into your home design. PIC1 On the other hand, this area rug would work well in a space that uses complementary patterns and picks up in the neutrals of the palette. PIC2 Lamps are also a very popular way to accessorize with roses. Take for example the recent trend of blossom lampshades. These are an approved use of floral in the home and they add a fun pop of both pattern and texture! PIC3 But just so we’re clear this is not OK… PIC4 neither is this. PIC5 When using fabric, you have the chance to subtly hint at your home’s theme through drapery, upholstery, and other creative uses. When choosing a material for these kinds of projects, consider quality, gloss, weight, and durability. As with area rugs, if you’re choosing a statement or stand out pattern, make sure it’s the focus of the room. Therefore, make sure it’s a design you actually want to attract attention. For this reason, a fabric like this may not be the wisest choice. PIC6 Anything of the angels and cherubs variety is especially difficult to decorate with without crossing over into the “Precious Moments” zone. To avoid having your living room look like a nursery, try patterns that merely make a suggestion. Take for example these wing-inspired designs… PIC7 And though you may be tempted to add a bit of flair to your dining area with a cute pair of salt and pepper shakers, you will want to do this in a way that does not trigger prom flash backs. This set has “taffeta”, “sweaty palms”, and “Macarena” written all over it. You might as well engrave these with “Here’s to the nights we felt alive, OA Senior Prom 2001.” PIC8 Here’s a great “less is more” version that will do the trick!


However you celebrate, I hope that this special time of year inspires you to add a little romance to your everyday life and design!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!


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