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So, we won some awards….no biggie (but kind of)

In April, we were fortunate enough to participate in the DC Design House, which is a charity that raises money for Children’s National by having local designers collaborate to remodel a ... Continue

The anatomy of branding a stop motion video

Ok, so we’ve covered branding a pie and the front of your house (we’ve also branded a pumpkin, but don’t have a DIY for it)– but what about branding a video? What about those stop motion videos ... Continue

The Anatomy of Branding My House

Are you interested in brazenly marketing your company by unapologetically and shamelessly branding the front of your house with holiday lights? Do you have 25 hours to spend doing it? Are you ... Continue

The anatomy of branding a pie

What goes in to branding a pie for a Thanksgiving social media post? Well, for crazy people like me, a lot. Here’s the step by step: Step 1: Gather Supplies For this, you will need some powder ... Continue

My First Ibby

Designing your own bathroom or mudroom has never been easier. All you need is a laptop or tablet, an internet connection, and ibby. With ibby, you control the whole process, from initial design ... Continue