I have been a part of the CASE team for over nine years. Throughout the years, I’ve explored many different design styles and have come to find that mid-century modern is the style that fits me best. The warm tones, eclectic patterns and colors are a few of the attributes that provide a balance of strength and softness. My best design advice for myself and clients is to “Design with the story you want to Tell”. A well curated space should provide a sense of history and personality that one can detect when walking into a space.

There are a few things to consider when remodeling a bathroom. My top three are storage, materials and unnecessary design changes (don’t worry, I’ll expand in a bit). Whether remodeling a large or small bathroom, consider the opportunities to maximize storage. If space allows, try to incorporate as much counter space for make-up bags, electric toothbrushes, shaving equipment etc. Adding a few wall mounted shelves or a medicine cabinet can go a long way for those everyday essentials. If remodeling a small or large bathroom, consider the scale of materials to incorporate within your space. Many homeowners are using 12×24 tiles for both large and small spaces. In most cases a small tile can read as “too busy” while a large tile may result in cutting a few pieces down in size. Consider low maintenance materials such as quartz or porcelain tiles as they stand up against high traffic an acidic liquid spills. Another factor to consider when remodeling your bathroom is the placement of your plumbing fixtures. If you are remodeling your space and the layout is efficient for you, carefully consider leaving the plumbing in its existing placement, as moving pipes can quickly increase your remodel cost and can cause other unintentional issues in the end.  Lastly, Ask the experts. They are trained and are knowledgeable about up-to-date codes.

My favorite design trend at the moment is an accent wall. Whether it includes a pop of color, wallpaper or tile, It makes me happy to see it in any space.

Some of my favorite materials at the moment is anything Kohler provides in a Vibrant Brushed Modern Brass finish and natural walnut woods.