It’s lovely to meet you! My name is Carolyn and I’ve been with Case since 2015. I wanted to share a little about this beautiful simplistic bathroom, and a little about me. My design style is a little on the simplistic side, a more modern flair. I love all things from the 50s and 60s, which is why I tend to lean retro modern, or midcentury modern within my personal style and preferences. My husband and I have 2 fur babies and we are excited to get to travel more after COVID regulations ease up.

Bathrooms are my number one choice of projects to design, but it was a pleasure to use a simplistic palette and mid-century modern vibes within the bathroom’s fixtures and finishes. My Ibby bathroom is a mixture of warm and Scandinavian, with the walnut floating vanity and the white tile around the shower. The floor is a marble looking “Click and Lock” flooring tile, making the tile easy to install, but also still being able to use tile material for the bathroom. The marble swirls have a hint of brownish gold, also warming up the space.  The fixtures, though chrome, is where you put your money. Items that you touch and feel everyday are the products that you should spend a little more on. The fixtures selected are classic modern, but work in all pull and replace scenarios. The mirror is a medicine cabinet with lights – making it multifunctional and classic.

While remodeling your bathroom might seem to be a daunting task, a reminder that these bathroom suites are perfect for the on-the-go person. We are happy to help you create your simplistic and calming bathroom of your dreams.