Hi Friends,

Nice to meet you virtually! My name is Allie Mann and I have been part of the Case Family since 2005. I am so happy to share with you a little about me, my design sense, and some of the materials I curated for my Ibby Bath! I would say my design style is a combination of Casual and Relaxed. If they had a baby it would be called “Caslax.” I also embrace all things that are Timeless and Classic which must also be casual and relaxed. I have 2 small children (3 and 6) so there is no time for anything fussy at home for this designer. I moonlight as a college professor teaching kitchen and bath design, so bathrooms are very near and dear to me.

I have long believed that bathrooms can be these little “jewel boxes” we have the opportunity to create and celebrate if we just embrace a little color or texture or both! The shade of  the vanity in my collection is Niebla Azul, a take on a light blue, very airy, and a nice deviation from white. Another favorite item I included in my Ibby Bathroom Suite is the Margaux Faucet by Kohler. I have been in love with this faucet over the years, I really like the shape and lines. Its just not just something I recommend, I have this faucet in Polished Nickel in a bathroom in my home as well. I wouldn’t recommend something I wouldn’t consider for myself. I think marble in any capacity can really elevate a space without feeling too pretentious if done thoughtfully, that is why I selected a herringbone marble for the floor. As a designer we are really seeing a mix of metals right now, not just in the bathroom but in all parts of the home. If the faucet is a different metal from the mirror and a different metal still from your light fixture that is nothing short of AWESOME. (When thoughtfully executed, otherwise it’s just HOT MESS EXPRESS).

When remodeling your bathroom it is important to consider the durability of materials. Nothing is worse than saving a few dollars on a faucet only to find out it would fail you later. I think if you invest a little more in the materials upfront it will payoff in the long run and I am happy to report that the materials in my suite were thoughtfully assembled with cost and performance top of mind. Keeping with the theme of “classic and timeless” the materials in this suite could pair well with a happy tangerine paint on the wall, a pretty patterned green wallpaper, or another contrasting shade of blue to name a few!

Happy Remodeling,