The great candy bracket of 2014 – Round 5

[ Editor’s note…Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be posting our completely unscientific, wholly biased bracket of candy. We’re starting with 32 sweet treats, and by Halloween, we’ll be down to one. ]

Zut alors! Quelle horreur! Last weeks round of eliminations can only be expressed in French because they were that tragic. Peanut M&Ms and Starbursts defeated their respective opponents and are now poised to challenge each other for the final, all important title of Best Halloween Candy.  Before moving on, let’s pour some out and have a moment of silence for Reese’s cups and Sour Patch Kids…you played hard and left it all out on the floor.  At this level, there are no losers, so walk away from this with your heads held high – especially you Sour Patch Kids, seeing as you’re the ones that actually have heads.

A centuries old debate will finally be put to rest this Thursday – this is history people…sweet, sweet history. You should probably go out and buy a bag (or tube, envelope, carton, packet,  if you’re buying Starbursts–negative 2 points for not having a clear name for your container, Starbursts) of each just to be sure you’re ready for the unveiling of the champ. Then you can brag to all of your neighbors that you have the BEST Halloween Candy, and will therefore be put in the Trick-or-Treating Hall of Fame, and use this bracket as scientific evidence to back up your claims (please don’t do that, the only science behind this bracket is our chemical attraction/addiction to sugar in various forms).

Check back Thursday to see who came out on top! We have We Are the Champions by Queen all queued up and ready to go….

Candy Bracket_Round 5

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