The great candy bracket of 2014 – Round 3

[ Editor’s note…Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be posting our completely unscientific, wholly biased bracket of candy. We’re starting with 32 sweet treats, and by Halloween, we’ll be down to one. ]

We’re down to the elite 8! A strong Round 2 leaves us with 4 exciting matchups:

Reese’s Cups vs Skittles

Did you get peanut butter in your chocolate? Or chocolate in your peanut butter? The happy accident now confronts the rainbow in this battle of the classics. Only time will tell if Skittles skedaddle or Reese’s luck runs out.

Kit Kat vs Starburst

Will Starburst break themselves off a piece? Or will Kit Kat taste sweet juicy victory? Starburst has favored flavors (red and pink, duh), while Kit Kat promotes chocolatey equality.. which strategy will come out on top?

Twix vs Peanut M&M

Caramel is a game changer either way you say it (Cara-mel or Car-mel… but it’s definitely Cara-mel so stop saying it the other way), but will that be enough for Twix to surpass Peanut M&Ms? Do nuts add enough protein to the chocolate-y favorite that Peanut M&Ms are basically a health food? Some experts say yes, and those experts are my mom.

Sour Patch Kids vs Swedish Fish

The toughest battle this bracket has seen in years/days is definitely Kids v. Fish. Despite similar soft, gummy consistencies, these shaped sweets are tough as nails when it comes to this competition. Both have branched out into other candies, colors, and sizes making SPK vs SF harder to call than SJP after I heard she was in Ireland the same time I was… I mean I didn’t have her number or anything but still, it was hard.

Check out the bracket below and come back Thursday for the Final 4

Candy Bracket_Round 3


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