The great candy bracket of 2014 – Round 1

Halloween is upon us, and with it, bucketfuls of candy. Maybe you’re going trick or treating, or maybe you’re taking your kid. Either way, how do you know how well you made out? Quantity is one thing, but in our book, it’s all about quality. We’d take one fun size pack of Swedish fish over a truckload of raisins (a box of natures candy might be a treat for Chris Traeger, but it’s not for us).


Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be posting our completely unscientific, wholly biased bracket of candy. We’re starting with 32 sweet treats, and by Halloween, we’ll be down to one.

To start us off, check out the bracket below. Are there any early favorites, or upsets in the making? Did your favorite candy make the list? Check back on Thursday to see how round 1 played out.

Candy Bracket_Round 1


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