Feng Shui-ing More Love Into Your Life

Everyone absolutely loves the topic of love.

Today we are going to look at some ways that love is reflected in your environment, and how to use some tools from feng shui to amplify that love energy around you.

Before we start, I wanted to share a quote from Diane Ackerman, written in her book, A Natural History Of Love, that is unforgettably brilliant and revelatory:

“What we call “white” is a rainbow of colors packed into a small space. A prism sets them free. Love is the white light of emotion. It includes many feelings which, out of laziness and confusion, we crowd into one simple word. Art is the prism that sets them free, then follows the gyrations of one or a few.”

So, today as we talk about bringing more love into your life and your environment, I want to shy away from too much cliché and really embrace the highly personal spectrum of love.

Be more receptive.

Our world prizes the “active,” but love is as much about receiving as it is giving. A welcoming gathering space is the best place to start when looking for a romantic partner or deepening your friendships. Creating a space that magnetizes people, drawing them into your home, is key to being receptive.

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In your home: You might want to add some fabulous pillows to your living room. Clear out the clutter of too much stuff, as it acts like noise in the room and prevents a close connection to other people. Also, look at ways to add a compelling focal point- a vase so beautiful that it can stand on its own as an attention-getter — with or without flowers… yet those fresh flowers are a big plus as well!

Feel more in love.

Bring in more layers of texture. In the multifaceted sensory world of Earth, we actually get to know much about people by the textures they keep in their environment. This is science! For example, if you enter an office and the lobby is cold and menacing, you will form an unconscious impression that you are about to have a chilly experience with menacing people, even if that isn’t the case!

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For example in your home, if you have a fuzzy throw rug under foot in your den, you will emanate a softer, more luscious side to your personality to both you and your guests. Some silk sheets or even silk pillows are a sensuous and luminous slippery texture that brings new sensations to your world. If you tone down harsh textures (IE. the hard wood chairs, sleek countertops and the like) with a generous dose of the sensual (knit throws, faux fur, warm fabrics like velvet), you will feel yourself slide into a more loving, nurturing and even sexier frame of mind.

Add art to your home that amplifies your vision of love.

What looks like Love to me and what looks like Love to you are apt to be very different images. Can you do some searching in local galleries, online, and in vintage shops to find visual objects that feel like Love to you? Or, can you make some art that feels like love to you? Just as Diane Ackerman describes in the quote we started with today, art is a tool and a catalyst, a way of untangling our own personal confusions about love, creating a more clean space for love to flow toward and renew itself. When you add art to your space that makes you feel love, you clarify your intentions for love while blanketing your walls with that lovely love feeling.

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Cultivate more wisdom in a fresh way.

In feng shui, the far right section of your house along the wall that contains the entrance door to your home is the “wisdom” area. It directly affects your relationships. We get to know ourselves through our relationships to others. The wiser we are, the more we can deepen our bonds of love.

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(To use this feng shui bagua map, line up the bottom row of the map with your floor plan so that the entrance door to your home falls in line with the bottom row of Wisdom, Self and Compassion. )

While it is tempting to load up this area with self-help books and the like in pursuit of “wisdom”, we are going to approach wisdom from a more holistic and grounded perspective. I really enjoy adding meditative art, a fish tank or a great lounge chair- or all three- to this “wisdom area” space. Even if you can only fit a few floor pillows on the ground as a space to zone out and do some visualization exercises or a little deep breathing, this is a fun space to do just that! The more you can cultivate silent time in your life in general- and create space for it in your home as well- the better you will truly know who you are and the more empowered you will feel in this knowledge.

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Let us not forget of course, if you want more love, give more love. Don’t underestimate the power of your generosity, your ability to smile at people you see in passing, the kind words you can share, the unsolicited help you can donate… all acts of love. Rather than making love a goal or an aspiration, decide to live in more love right now. Infuse that love in your home and your heart you will watch it grow without fail.

xoxo, Dana


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