Feng Shui Bookshelf Design Essentials

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While love and money tend to dominate the dreams of the many, and health and happiness are prized- as they should be!- we often forget that wisdom makes life richer, more expansive and more fulfilling all-round. Cultivating wisdom is tremendously important.

In the words of the great Nelson Mandela, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” And you can use it to change your personal world as well.

In a home, wisdom resides in many places, though your bookshelves are the most prominent storehouse of wisdom that we see… and they are the most delightful to style. Today, we are going to look at gorgeous ways to light up a bookshelf with easy design tips that are always stunning and feng shui friendly!

To start with a bit of bookshelf feng shui, take time to weed through your books and donate the ones you no longer need, want or just don’t like. Also, give the people you love a few of your favorite books while you do this— it is a way of sharing joy with others while sharing wisdom.

Now that a clean stage is set, lets get to styling bookshelves that are both functional and magnetic.

Geode bookends are beyond brilliant!

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In feng shui, geodes and crystals radiant a lot of vibrant energy. By putting the books you are presently reading between two geodes or fabulous crystals, you are essentially encasing them in radiance. Plus, they are a great way to keep books and magazines you want to access at an easy reach.

Organize your books so they are eye catching!

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Color-coding or arranging books in rainbow color order creates an aesthetic, exciting bookshelf. If you have huge bookshelves full of books, you may want to try organizing by subject or even in a library like system, alphabetized by subject and then by title. This bit of smartness makes for an easy to scan book collection. You can access what you want more freely, and that creates more flow.

Give your bookshelves more depth!

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Whether it is really dynamic wallpaper or a fire-colored paint, dressing up the back wall of your bookshelf is a rich and robust way to add intrigue to your book collection. Fire colors (red, orange, even violets and pinks) and patterns like chevron shown above draw the eye toward the bookshelves.

Your books can have jackets, too!

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If you don’t like the way your books look, or there are lots of textbooks with great information and stuffy titles, you can fashion your own kraft paper book jackets and have a whole new library. Writing in calligraphy, metallic pens or colored markers along the covered book spines can finish this look with your own stamp of approval.

Tack up some art!

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I love the multi-dimensional effect of art hanging on bookshelves. If you have wooden bookshelves that are study, a few small nails can create a backdrop for a few fabulous photos or a painting! One small note here: don’t cover up books with your art. Use this design trick on spacious shelves and be sure all of your books are within reach.

Add a lamp… or a lava-lamp!

feng shui bookshelf_7

Lastly, feng shui fire energy and the motion of water both move you toward them. There is no better retro-clever way to combine both than in a fantastic lava lamp. If you are not that mod, your favorite lamp can add a glow of fire energy to your library area.

When your bookshelves are glowing with energy, not only will you reach for them more often… you may find yourself collecting many more as well.

Set up at least one comfy reading chair or a well-lit space on your sofa and dive in to beautiful words that illuminate your life!

xoxo Dana


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