My 80’s Dream Home

First leggings. Then day-glo everything. And recently, each week it seems a different celebrity is ripping off one of Pat Benatar’s hair styles. At this rate it’s only a matter of time before all ... Continue

From tired and blah to ooh and ahh!

Do you ever get the urge to add a fun splash of color to your home? An easy way to do that (that doesn’t have to be permanent) is to add a pop in an accent chair! Today I am going to show you how ... Continue

Recycle your own furniture to create a new look

Do you Love Your Home? You should! My advice for keeping your home looking up to date and fresh for a long period of time is to buy items that are interchangeable from room to room. Try to stay ... Continue

Feng Shui Bookshelf Design Essentials

While love and money tend to dominate the dreams of the many, and health and happiness are prized- as they should be!- we often forget that wisdom makes life richer, more expansive and more ... Continue

Pom pom’s: A little way to make a big statement

Webster’s Dictionary defines warm fuzzies as “feelings of happiness, contentment, or sentimentality.” I would argue that hand made pom poms easily generate the warm fuzzies in home decor. When I ... Continue