The anatomy of branding a stop motion video

Ok, so we’ve covered branding a pie and the front of your house (we’ve also branded a pumpkin, but don’t have a DIY for it)– but what about branding a video? What about those stop motion videos ... Continue

A mother-nature-approved wall collage

Create a dramatic wall collage by making your own signature style frames with natural elements. While you are on your next nature walk, gather small tree branches that have fallen. There are so ... Continue

New house…new room for the kiddo

We were very sad to sell our old home but also very excited to begin making a new home into ‘our’ home (disclaimer: none of the trim in our daughter’s new room has been painted yet. It was ... Continue

3D art: Sculptureiffic

Furnishing a space is always first priority, but choosing what artwork to display is equally important. Switching out your art is also one of the easiest ways to change the feel of a room. ... Continue

Valentine Design

Well, the over-sized boxes of candy and mass-produced teddy bears are practically spilling out of the grocery stores seasonal aisles. Valentine’s Day must be fast approaching! Yes, the big day is ... Continue