Ready, Set…FLOR!

If you think about it, your floors are one of the most frequently used surfaces in your home. They’re the last thing you touch before getting into bed and the first thing you experience upon waking up.

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They are easily covered up if the original floor is in poor shape but can be beautifully rich and add tons of character, if the original floor is in great shape and just needs refinishing. Now that the weather’s getting warmer (please…no more snow!), it’s time for weekends full of gardening, backyard barbeques with the windows open and flip-flop wearing days. Kicking off my shoes and walking around barefoot with a soft carpet or rug underneath instantly signifies being at home in my mind.

We’ve designed two spaces in two different homes that have utilized an incredibly fun and functional product that speaks volumes in any size space: FLOR tiles. If you’re not familiar with FLOR, it is an innovative, modular system of carpet squares that allows you to create custom rugs, runners and wall-to-wall designs of all shapes, sizes and orientations.

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Each square is approximately 20” x 20” and is installed by using circular “dots” that connect each square together, not to your floor. Square + Dot = Rug…and it really is as simple as that! They’ve made installation so easy, really anyone can do it (it’s even easier than IKEA assemblies).

In our previous home’s basement, we created a wall-to-wall design using a combination of 3 different colors from the ‘Easy As Pie’ style rug (8’x10’ size) with each tile turned 90 degrees to liven up the space a bit and create a strong geometric pattern since the rest of the room had very simple finishes and was monochromatic.

image C

If you’re curious, we used the colors: Glacier, Smolder and Oatmeal. Now, that style would be most similar to their ‘Reverb’ line since we ordered these back in July 2011. The more regularized your space and design is, the faster installation will go since you won’t need to cut as many pieces. Coming up with the layout of the pattern and colors can take some time once you get all of the pieces out of the boxes. We completed this carpet (approx. 100 sf) in about 3 hours and the best part is, once you get each square stuck to a dot, you’re done! No waiting for anything to dry, solidify or set; just vacuum and enjoy!

In our current sunroom-turned-playroom, we again did a wall-to-wall design but this time we got a little adventurous and decided to make a border out of a striped design (‘Parallel Reality’ style in Burgundy) and the center of the carpet was a more neutral, subdued solid color (‘Rake Me Over’ style in Oyster). Here’s a looksy at what you’ll see when you open the box.

image D

There is a tutorial video on the FLOR website that helps you feel confident to start tackling the soft and fuzzy feel underfoot, but basically, this is how easy it is…put dot down, put square down, press.

image E image F

Once we started installing, it got really exciting to see our design start coming together. You can see the difference in texture of the 2 rug styles in this photo – the stripes are a more compact, shorter pile while the solids are a bit shaggier (but still pretty short as far as height).

image G

This is what it looked liked at the end, before all the toys came in and covered all of our fancy perimeter design!

image H

We love the amount of color and playfulness the stripes bring to the room and the shaggy center squares are super comfortable and soft for those barefoot weekend mornings.

We absolutely love our FLOR rugs. Would we choose them again if doing it all over? Let’s just say, if I could, I would create a FLOR rug runner in both the upstairs and downstairs hallways of our new house and we’ll most likely use their rug in our future basement renovation. They have so many fun patterns and colors to choose from. When it comes to durability and longevity, they are comparable to most quality area rugs if not better. If you spill something on it, you can remove the square and try to clean it. If the stain doesn’t come out, all you need to do is grab a new square and re-install (make sure to order a few extra squares!), great piece of mind for those of us with kiddos and dogs running around!

Here are some fun designs we’d love to find a way to use in future projects…

I know chevron is very trendy right now, but I love its clean simplicity (style: Core Solid). The combo of this rug’s gray + yellow is so versatile and cheery!

image I core solid

Who doesn’t love neutral rugs that could work in multiple spaces but also are dark enough to not show the dirt (as my mom always says!) and are kid-friendly (style: jump jive)?!

image J jump jive

I know color can sometimes intimidate people, but I’m big on bold color pops wherever possible. This rug would be a great addition to a room with light gray walls and lots of natural light (style: parallel reality).

image K parallel reality

Happy FLORing!!

-Naomi and Anthony


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